Our FUD-Free Consulting Policy

No Fear.

No Uncertainty.

No Doubt.

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What is FUD?

FUD stands for Fear – Uncertainty – Doubt.

The term FUD refers to a technique used by some consultants to undermine their clients.

By fostering fear, uncertainty and doubt, the consultant aims to scare the client into becoming dependent on them.

Because of FUD, the client is driven to retain the consultant.

The result is the client pays more for more services that the client may not have otherwise needed.

We don’t do FUD.

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How to spot FUD?

Consultants have endlessly creative ways to deploy FUD. All have two key elements:

  1. They undermine confidence; and
  2. They are the solution.


This may be done by targeting your project, your people, yourself or all of the above.

Because consulting services are purchased by organisations, consultants who use FUD will often utilise existing organisation politics to amplify FUD.

Once a FUD consultant is engaged, they can become particularly difficult to remove as parts of the organisation that are caught in the FUD will resist the removal of the consultant.

Successful removal of a FUD consultant requires decision makers to trust the person they charged with leading the engagement over the consultant that was engaged.

Independent review of the engagement can help stakeholders and decision makers recognise the FUD trap – and escape it.


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Why Choose FUD-Free?

We believe FUD-Free consulting is better for everyone.

Longterm, healthy relationships are built on mutual respect and mutual benefit.

When clients are supported and empowered, they are able to make the best decisions for their organisation.

That means the projects clients engage us on are more meaningful and we can take pride in the purposeful work we do with our clients.

It is why, as consultants, we are in the uncommon position of liking, respecting and admiring our clients.

Our clients are talented people with limited time and resources, facing real challenges.

It is our privilege to help.

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