Our Best Price Consulting Policy

Get more value from your consulting budget today.

Better service, 
Lower Price.

We offer a quality of advisory, research and development service that rivals and exceeds the biggest in the industry.

Our clients do not choose us for our price.

They do appreciate the savings.


Better value consulting services

In 2021, Accenture spent over $8.7 Billion USD on Sales, Marketing and General Administration Expenses.

Source: Accenture 2021 Annual Report

How we Give you more for less.

As a smaller and more nimble firm, our overheads are a fraction of the big consulting mega-corporations. 

We don’t do six-figure expense accounts. 

We don’t put our logo on top of skyscrapers.

We just do good work.

Really good work.

The kind of work that makes clients happy.

We believe good work and personal recommendations are the best advertisements for our services.

They are also much less expensive.

The end result – you get more value and it costs you less.

Happy consulting customers

How does the Best Price Consulting Policy Work?

If you would like a better service at a better price on a project or engagement, simply send us a copy of the quote you have received from a listed competitor.

We will review the quote and come back to you on any follow up questions or a competing quote.

Get a comparison quote on consulting services

Who will we beat?

Our Best Price Consulting Policy means, is here to help you get better value than you might find on offer from the global consulting mega-corps.

We will beat formal quotes on equivalent management consulting services from:

  • McKinsey & Company
  • Bain & Company
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  • Deloitte
  • EY
  • KPMG
  • PwC
  • Accenture
  • LEK
  • Kearney
If you would like us to price match or beat another firm not listed here, please get in touch with the quote you have received.

Best Price Consulting Example in Action

A client had commissioned a multi-national consulting conglomerate to deliver a major project. 

The project kicked off with big smiles. Unfortunately it quickly became apparent that the big corporate consulting firm could not deliver on the client’s needs.

Fortunately, the client had stage gated the project and was able to exit the big firm – though not before they took significant time, money and will from the client organisation.

As boutique specialists, we were able to assess the damage and help the client rapidly turnaround their program.

Where the big consultants failed, we succeeded. 

We delivered on the client’s requirements for less than half the big firm’s price.

What's the catch?

No catch, just some simple, fair,  and  (hopefully) commonsense conditions.

  1. We don’t match or beat ‘bundles’, ‘bonuses’ or ‘freebies’.

    Some firms will itemise their quotes with services priced below cost or even free. This practice is sometimes referred to as offering ‘loss leaders’. They sell a service at a loss to gain the customer and make profit on future deals or other items in the quote.
    We don’t match these quotes as they are not so much comparable services as promotional items.

  2. We don’t match or beat quotes on services we don’t offer.

    The big firms are big for a reason. While their quality may be disappointing, their range is substantial.
    If we don’t offer a service, we are not able to quote you on it.

  3. We don’t match or beat quotes where we don’t expect we will be able to deliver the work.

    We won’t mess you around by quoting work we don’t have the capacity to deliver. If our services are not ‘in-stock’ or we believe we won’t be able to see the work through to completion for any reason, we won’t offer a competing bid.

  4. We don’t quote work we don’t believe we can win.

    We appreciate that our quote might help you haggle with bigger firms.
    Every client and every challenge is unique. Crafting and quoting solutions that meet the unique needs of clients and challenges takes time, effort and skill.
    If we don’t consider our quote will be successful through to completion for any reason, we may choose not to compete.

  5. We don’t offer our Best Price Consulting Policy where it would conflict with our other policies and values.

    Our Best Price Consulting Policy works together with our other policies, such as our integrity, ethics and client quality policies.
    We are committed to delivering high quality consulting services.
    We won’t offer a  competing quote for work where we do not believe we could uphold our values and commitment to quality throughout the engagement.

Not sure if your need fits within our policy? Please do ask – we are happy to help!

Get a competing quote on your consulting needs

Get better value on your consulting investment. Finally see a return on consulting and get out more than your organisation put in.

Send us the quote you have received today and discover how much you could be saving.

Why we offer you Best Price Consulting

We believe in helping our clients.

We have seen and heard the horror stories of clients being left short by big consulting firms.

It is bad for the clients, bad for their organisation, bad for their customers and their team.

It is also bad for the consulting industry and for junior consultants, who are indoctrinated into the false belief “that’s just how the industry works”.

By offering best price consulting, we hope more clients, more organisations and more consultants will get to experience good, value-adding, client-empowering consulting.

We hope more people will get the joy of really good work.

We believe good consulting is better for everyone.

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