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What are the questions that are holding your organisation back?

Get answers and actionable insights, faster, to unlock your team’s potential. We tailor your bespoke research programme to fit your organisation’s needs.

From strategy research, competitor analysis and acquisition evaluation to user experience research, product management and service design, we have the depth and breadth of research capability to light your path forward.

Strategy Research

Is your strategy built on fact or opinion?

Uncertainty can derail your strategy fast. Get answers to the questions that are holding your organisation back. 

Lead your organisation forward with confidence.


Market Research

Markets have never been more dynamic. Recognising the difference between volatility and step change sorts the trend followers from the market leaders.

Become the market leader and stay there by knowing your market better than the competition.

Engage our market research experts to know your market and win.


New Market Entry Research

Go boldly where your organisation has not gone before.

Entering new markets is hard. Most new market entries fail, leading to expensive write-offs and exits.

Do the research up-front to make your new market entry successful and be the exception to the rule.

New Market Entry Research

New Product Development Research

Make things people want. It sounds simple.

Yet so often organisations are so busy making things they forget to ask if their customers (or anyone else) might want them. 

With new product development research we help you de-risk your innovation investments and make the things your users want.

User Research

Through comprehensive user research, we help you identify the value drivers and pain points in your user experience.

We go beyond explicit behaviours and customer feedback to help you know the motivations that drive your users.

This lets you make better choices about the products and services you offer to your customers for their success – and yours.

User Experience Research

Competitor Research

Know thy enemy? Maybe.

In today’s diverse supply chains a friend on one battle field is foe on another.

Understanding the strategy and tactics of competitors gives both inspiration and insight into our own innovation and transformation.

Our clients use competitor research so they can focus on executing their strategy without being blindsided.

Strategy Research

Mergers & Acquisition Due Diligence Research

A shared office space company (WeWork) buys a wave pool business?

A merger between two large universities fails as sides could not agree on who would lead the merged entity.

For all the financial analysis that goes into making the business case for M&A, most mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver value.

We take a holistic approach to research mergers and acquisitions engagements so that you can move forward with eyes wide open.

Bespoke Research

Your organisation is unique. So are the questions you need answered.

If you needed off the shelf data, you’d google it.

Too many consultants just regurgitate data, pull outdated graphs from old client work and say job done.

Get custom business research tailor made for you that answers your questions, not someone else’s.

Prototype Research

Prototyping de-risks your organisation’s investment in developing products and services.

Every prototype asks a question, ‘do you want this?’.

Primary research methods like prototype testing and user testing allow us to understand where to invest our scarce development and improvement budgets.

Primary Research

Desk Research

Desk research gets answers fast and affordably, though often at the expense of directly relevant insights.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

As skilled researchers, we are able to work across diverse sources of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data to mine insights.

This gets you answers that are not just affordable, but reliable as well.

Qualitative Research

What gets measured gets managed.

So what about all those insights that don’t fit neatly in a spreadsheet?

Our expert qualitative research can help you uncover the insights that define drivers like reasoning and motivation.


Quantitative Research

The world is awash with data. Unfortunately, most of that data is unclean and unusable.

Our expert researchers work with 1st part, 2nd party and 3rd party primary and secondary data using novel analysis techniques to identify the descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics that your organisation needs to succeed.

Quantitative Research

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